Lemon Lion Consulting on Maintaining Timeshare Ownership vs. Exiting a Contract

Originally published on Ceoworld.biz.   Resorts promise the world to people as they pitch timeshare ownership. Yet, timeshare exit specialist Lemon Lion Consulting says those who decide to take the plunge often find out rather quickly that timeshare ownership is not all it’s cracked up to be. Owning a timeshare requires a significant financial commitment, […]

Lemon Lion Consulting Discusses Understanding Timeshare Maintenance Fees

Originally published on devdiscourse.com.   When you sign a timeshare contract, you are locking yourself into a vacation at a set spot on a regular basis, according to timeshare exit specialists Lemon Lion Consulting. However, many people who enter into timeshare agreements don’t fully understand that there are timeshare maintenance fees that are charged annually, […]

Lemon Lion Consulting, Time Share Exit Firm, Announces Recent Expansion

Originally published on prweb.com. A consumer’s timeshare experience is unique and personal. Lemon Lion Consulting understands that and has invested in expanding its team of case managers to provide each client concierge-style support through the process of getting free from a timeshare contract.     Las Vegas, NV – Lemon Lion Consulting recognizes the uniqueness of […]

Lemon Lion Consulting: Educating Members on Relevant Consumer Protection Laws and Regulations Governing Timeshare Transactions and Ownership Rights

Originally published on nyweekly.com. Timeshare ownership is often viewed as an appealing investment. Part-ownership of a luxury resort property brings a sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately, timeshare companies often take advantage of unsuspecting customers. In many cases, they even break the law by violating consumer protection laws.  Lemon Lion Consulting helps timeshare customers fight back when […]

Lemon Lion Consulting Expands Services to Offer Concierge-Style Solutions

Originally published on globenewswire.com. Being trapped in a timeshare contract often creates cascading financial issues for consumers. As a firm focused on delivering comprehensive solutions, Lemon Lion Consulting now offers concierge credit repair services to clients with an active mortgage owed to a resort.   Las Vegas, NV – Lemon Lion Consulting recently expanded its […]

Navigating Timeshare Exit: Lemon Lion Consulting’s Guide to Choose the Right Specialist

Originally published on spacecoastdaily.com.   In the intricate realm of timeshare exits, selecting a reliable company to guide you through the complexities is paramount. Lemon Lion Consulting, a seasoned timeshare exit specialist since 2017, understands the challenges of liberating yourself from timeshare contracts.  Here’s a checklist to help you efficiently vet out companies and ensure […]

Lemon Lion Consulting: Timeshare Exit Specialists Dispel Timeshare Myths

Originally published on elitepropertynews.com.   In the realm of travel, timeshares can appear as a golden ticket to dream vacations. However, there’s a less-than-rosy reality behind the scenes: most resort contracts take advantage of unsuspecting, hard-working families and retired travelers, ensnaring tourists into lifetime agreements bound by a deed.  It’s a serious issue that needs […]

Top Ways Timeshares Become a Burden: Exit Specialists Lemon Lion Consulting Share Insights

Originally published on ritzherald.com.   So much promise and hope exist when purchasing a timeshare. Yet, exit specialists Lemon Lion Consulting point out that this promise and hope quickly fade for many people as their timeshare becomes a significant burden. The pretty picture painted for timeshare owners before they purchase hardly ever comes to fruition […]

Exit Specialists Lemon Lion Consulting Share Secrets, Tips, and Tricks for Timeshare Cancellation

Originally published on businessnewsledger.com.   According to industry statistics, over 10 million households own timeshares. But over time, these owners’ needs, abilities, and desires will change. Canceling a timeshare contract allows owners to regain their financial flexibility and freedom. Here are some tips and tricks from the exit specialists, Lemon Lion Consulting, for timeshare cancellation. […]