Exit Specialists Lemon Lion Consulting Share Secrets, Tips, and Tricks for Timeshare Cancellation

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According to industry statistics, over 10 million households own timeshares. But over time, these owners’ needs, abilities, and desires will change. Canceling a timeshare contract allows owners to regain their financial flexibility and freedom. Here are some tips and tricks from the exit specialists, Lemon Lion Consulting, for timeshare cancellation.


Understand What Timeshares Are

Before you can look for ways out of your timeshare, you must understand what they are. Despite framing your timeshare as a property interest, calling your contract a “deed,” and referring to your payment obligation as a “mortgage,” you do not own part of your timeshare resort.

Instead, you have a resort membership and can exercise your right to stay at the resort. However, the resort does not guarantee the availability of a room when you want to stay there.

This understanding is important for a few reasons, including the following:

  • Your timeshare contract has no resale value
  • The timeshare operator does not want your contract back
  • The contract and the fees will last forever unless you end them

Your timeshare is a contractual relationship between you and the timeshare operator. The solution to your timeshare problems offered by Lemon Lion Consulting will involve the contracting parties, namely you and the timeshare operator.


Learn Your Options for Timeshare Exit

You have several options for dealing with your timeshare, including:

  • Keeping it and renting out your time to others
  • Giving your timeshare away
  • Reselling your timeshare
  • Breaching the contract by ceasing payments
  • Negotiating an exit with the timeshare operator

When you bought your timeshare, the operator probably told you its value would be appreciated, and you would be able to pass it to your heirs or gift it to someone. You may have planned to sell your timeshare at a profit. In reality, the IRS and the marketplace give your timeshare zero value. Thus, resale might not present a realistic option.

Instead, the option with the fewest legal and financial consequences will be to negotiate with the timeshare operator. However, the operator knows you signed a legally binding contract and will not let you escape easily. As a result, you may need the help of third parties like Lemon Lion Consulting.


Carefully Scrutinize Anyone Who Claims They Can Help

Many less-than-reputable companies offer “resale” options or assistance. But a quick online search will reveal that state attorneys general have shut down or sued these companies for misleading business practices. Before committing to any company, scrutinize its record.

If a business offers a deal that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Many companies know your desperation and take advantage of it. Any company that springs surprise fees or asks for unconventional payments, like international wire transfers, is probably scamming you.


Manage Your Expectations

You will likely lose money on your timeshare exit. But you should remember that eliminating the burden of your timeshare obligations will pay off in the long run.


About Lemon Lion Consulting

Lemon Lion Consulting, founded in 2017 in Las Vegas, is a leading timeshare exit firm with a team rich in law, consulting, and consumer advocacy experience. We’re recognized for our exceptional service with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and consistent 5-star reviews. Our comprehensive services go beyond contract termination, offering debt cancellation, credit repair, and identity protection. To date, we’ve freed clients from over $40 million in timeshare mortgages, emphasizing our commitment to ethical, transparent, and personalized client solutions. As advocates in the timeshare exit industry, we continue to guide clients toward financial freedom and peace of mind.


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