Lemon Lion Consulting Expands Services to Offer Concierge-Style Solutions

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Being trapped in a timeshare contract often creates cascading financial issues for consumers. As a firm focused on delivering comprehensive solutions, Lemon Lion Consulting now offers concierge credit repair services to clients with an active mortgage owed to a resort.


Las Vegas, NV – Lemon Lion Consulting recently expanded its services to clients seeking to exit timeshare contracts. The firm now offers concierge-style solutions that address the kind of financial concerns that often come with mortgages owed to resorts.

Lemon Lion Repair, the firm’s new credit repair service, is included in the standard service fee clients pay. The credit repair service promises to not only free clients from restrictive timeshare contracts but also resolve the credit issues that can result from such arrangements.

Clients who avail themselves of Lemon Lion Repair are assigned a case manager who provides personalized assistance to support them throughout their credit repair journey. The case manager is there to help meet their needs and address any questions or concerns they may have as they seek to escape their obligations to their timeshare contract.

Clients also gain immediate access to credit monitoring. They can log in and view their reports from all three major credit bureaus and track Lemon Lion Consulting’s progress as the firm disputes debts related to their timeshare contracts.

In keeping with its promise of integrity and results, Lemon Lion Consulting gives clients notice whenever it takes action to repair their credit, promoting transparency and offering regular updates on what’s being done. 

Furthermore, any client enrolled in the Lemon Lion Repair service also receives up to $1 million in identity theft protection, a benefit designed to instill confidence that their credit and financial well-being are protected.

People often find themselves trapped in timeshare contracts they don’t fully understand and end up struggling to meet the requirements. With these arrangements, an “owner” may spend tens of thousands of dollars for the right to use a property for one or two weeks every year.

However, they don’t actually own the property, and the value of the share doesn’t appreciate, so it’s nothing like a real estate investment. The contract is a lifelong obligation, one that may require the signee to make regular mortgage payments.

Timeshare owners are also on the hook for maintenance fees and property taxes that are likely to increase over time, creating budget problems for aging owners on a fixed income. If a timeshare owner fails to make the required payments, the company can take them to court, possibly leaving them in financial ruin.

Lemon Lion Consulting recognizes the financial hardship that can accompany unwanted timeshare contracts. Lemon Lion Repair serves as a means of helping clients secure financial freedom from these exploitative arrangements.


About Lemon Lion Consulting

Lemon Lion Consulting, founded in 2017 in Las Vegas, is a leading timeshare exit firm with a team rich in law, consulting, and consumer advocacy experience.

The firm is recognized for its exceptional service, with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and consistent 5-star reviews. Its comprehensive services go beyond contract termination, offering debt cancellation, credit repair, and identity protection.


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