Lemon Lion Consulting on Maintaining Timeshare Ownership vs. Exiting a Contract

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Resorts promise the world to people as they pitch timeshare ownership. Yet, timeshare exit specialist Lemon Lion Consulting says those who decide to take the plunge often find out rather quickly that timeshare ownership is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Owning a timeshare requires a significant financial commitment, with annual maintenance fees added to the contract price. The contracts themselves are often perpetual, which binds owners to the financial obligations for life.

On top of all this, some owners might find it challenging to even use their timeshare due to limited availability– a problem that’s usually exacerbated during peak seasons.

Below, Lemon Lion Consulting outlines the real experience of timeshare ownership and options for exiting a timeshare.


Understand the Timeshare Sales Pitch

Resorts often make many misleading promises when conducting a sales pitch to new prospective timeshare owners. Their presentations include exaggerated claims about how valuable timeshare ownership is, the availability of multiple properties they may own, and how easy it will be to re-sell your property.

In addition, pressure tactics are used to convince people to make split-second decisions they may not be ready to commit to. Sales representatives do this to persuade buyers to decide when they’re enjoying their time at the resort on vacation, which can often lead to buyer’s remorse.

On top of all this, there are plenty of hidden costs that buyers may not be fully aware of when they sign on the dotted line. There are long-term financial commitments that come with timeshare ownership, including special assessments and annual maintenance fees.


Avoid Pitfalls

If you’re considering timeshare ownership, doing your due diligence is essential. You should thoroughly research not just the property itself but also the management company that runs the resort. If the company has poor reviews, this could be a bad omen.

You should also review the complete terms of the contract and ensure you fully understand every aspect. 

One area you shouldn’t overlook is the options for exiting a timeshare. Knowing upfront what your options might be — or how challenging it will be to exit — can help you avoid future challenges and headaches.


Options for Exiting Timeshare Ownership

According to Lemon Lion Consulting, if you’re already a timeshare owner, there are many reasons why you should investigate exiting your contract.

Exiting a timeshare can provide immediate financial relief from ongoing maintenance fees and other associated costs. Doing so also allows you to sever ties with the resort, freeing you from all contractual obligations.

And while you may think that re-selling a timeshare would be the best route, think again. Selling a timeshare can be extremely difficult, especially in certain states, which have placed many limitations on the process.

Owners who do sell their timeshare often find they cannot recoup even close to their original investment amount due to low demand for these properties and market saturation.

That’s why working with trusted timeshare exit experts at Lemon Lion Consulting is the best option for timeshare owners who are looking to get out of their long-term financial commitment.


About Lemon Lion Consulting

Founded by paralegal and business owner Soraya Leon, Lemon Lion Consulting has been helping clients successfully exit their timeshare contracts since 2017. With a team of experienced exit specialists and a 100% guarantee, Lemon Lion Consulting has assisted countless individuals who desire relief from their timeshare contracts.


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