Lemon Lion Consulting, Time Share Exit Firm, Announces Recent Expansion

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A consumer’s timeshare experience is unique and personal. Lemon Lion Consulting understands that and has invested in expanding its team of case managers to provide each client concierge-style support through the process of getting free from a timeshare contract.  


Las Vegas, NV – Lemon Lion Consulting recognizes the uniqueness of each timeshare case it handles and is pleased to share that it has increased the number of case managers available to enhance the clients’ journey from being trapped in a timeshare contract to financial freedom.

The Las Vegas-based consulting firm is known for delivering exceptional customer service and delivering clients from the shackles of lifelong timeshare contracts. Lemon Lion Consulting hopes to bolster that reputation and enhance the overall client experience by dedicating additional resources to Case Managers.

A Case Manager is assigned to each client and contacts them each month. The aim is to make the entire process more responsive and faster for clients.

The expanded team of Case Managers is dedicated to giving clients faster and more efficient personalized service. The goal is to streamline the entire process and get each contract resolved effectively for each client.

Each client’s experience of getting tangled in a timeshare contract is personal. The team of consultants at Lemon Lion Consulting understands a personalized approach is needed to untangle things for each client. 

The team works efficiently but diligently to analyze each timeshare experience and develop a customized solution for each client.

The firm does all the work, and a dedicated case manager helps ensure clients experience a hassle-free journey through the process with a solution tailored to each client’s particular situation.

Lemon Lion Consulting uses state and federal consumer protection laws to help negotiate a client’s full release from the contract, unlike other companies that promise to get a consumer out of a timeshare contract but simply resell the timeshare. This process also helps clean up the financial mess often created by timeshare contracts.

Timeshare contracts, which provide access to a vacation spot for a week or two each year, require tens of thousands of dollars upfront and maintenance fees and property taxes for the rest of the timeshare owner’s life. 

Many owners, especially aging seniors, can’t keep up with the fees and taxes, fall behind on payments, and find themselves in a legal struggle over money with resort owners.

Lemon Lion Consulting’s tagline is “Experience, Integrity, Results.” That same mindset flows through its hiring process, ensuring the consulting firm hires the most confident and qualified paralegals as client case managers. 

With the expanded team of case managers, Lemon Lion Consulting is doubling down on its commitment to giving clients exceptional service and helping them experience the financial freedom of life without a timeshare contract.


About Lemon Lion Consulting

Lemon Lion Consulting, founded in 2017 in Las Vegas, is a leading timeshare exit firm with a team rich in law, consulting, and consumer advocacy experience. We’re recognized for our exceptional service with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and consistent 5-star reviews. Our comprehensive services go beyond contract termination, offering debt cancellation, credit repair, and identity protection.


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