Lemon Lion Consulting, Timeshare Exit Specialists, Share 5 Essential Timeshare Resale Truths

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Ever thought about selling that timeshare you thought was your ticket to dream vacations? Well, here’s the scoop – it’s a big scam. People throw tons of money into these things, hoping to get some back, but it’s like trying to catch air. By the time you realize your “property” is just a fancy membership card, that grace period of 3-14 days to change your mind is long gone. And when you’re finally fed up with those relentless fees and decide to seek help from the resort, they won’t admit that your ownership deed isn’t worth what they promised.

Instead, the resort will casually suggest you sell it, leading you right into the hands of a timeshare resale scam. Get ready for a bumpy ride as timeshare exit specialist Lemon Lion Consulting uncovers five reasons why you should avoid timeshare resale at all costs:


1. You Own Time, Not Property:

When you’re told you own a timeshare, it’s important to understand what that really means. It’s more about possessing a piece of paper or title than actual property ownership. In theory, this document allows you to spend a specific time at a designated location, either a week in a year or a set number of points.

However, it’s crucial to note that the resort retains control, deciding when and how you can utilize it. Selling time, it turns out, isn’t as straightforward as selling property.


2. First Right of Refusal Nightmare:

According to Lemon Lion Consulting, if you attempt to offload your timeshare, you may encounter the challenge of the resort’s first right of refusal. This means the resort can veto the transfer of the deed if they believe the new owner won’t reliably contribute to their income.

Without a careful transfer process through a title company, you might find yourself unexpectedly responsible for fees for a contract you thought you’d escaped.


3. Zero Property Value, No Equity:

Despite the promises of investment potential, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does not consider timeshares an asset with any real value. Due to this, the property deed you received, unfortunately, holds little to no resale value. Attempting to resell your timeshare can feel like passing on a perpetual contract with no real worth, potentially leaving the new owner in a similar financial predicament.


4. Resort Pricing Games:

Timeshare resorts have flexibility when it comes to pricing, which can lead to unpredictable fluctuations. As Lemon Lion Consulting explains, resorts can assign any price tag they want to their deeds, as they control the supply of points or time for deeds.

Because of this, resale prices often plummet, with some owners practically giving away their timeshares on platforms like eBay for less than a dollar. This lack of demand speaks volumes about the actual value of these contracts.


5. Refund Scams and False Promises:

Lemon Lion Consulting warns that it’s important to be cautious of promises of refunds or lucrative resale opportunities. Resorts often advise owners to sell or transfer their deeds, fostering false hope of recuperating some of their investments.

Resorts rarely offer to help owners sell their deeds as they truly understand there is no real market for them. Engaging with timeshare resale companies can also be risky, as you may end up paying advertising fees or closing costs without any real buyer in sight. Often, there truly isn’t even a buyer at the end, and the documents are merely being created but not processed properly with the county. Ultimately, these practices can leave you feeling trapped in the complexities of timeshare ownership.


About Lemon Lion Consulting

Lemon Lion Consulting, founded in 2017 in Las Vegas, is a leading timeshare exit firm with a team rich in law, consulting, and consumer advocacy experience. We’re recognized for our exceptional service with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and consistent 5-star reviews. Our comprehensive services go beyond contract termination, offering debt cancellation, credit repair, and identity protection. To date, we’ve freed clients from over $40 million in timeshare mortgages, emphasizing our commitment to ethical, transparent, and personalized client solutions. As advocates in the timeshare exit industry, we continue to guide clients toward financial freedom and peace of mind.


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